Our Key Services

Evidence Gathering & Analysis


This will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on issuing proceedings. Not only how strong your case is but also advice on enforcing the judgement debt. Our checks and background report will give you an honest perspective on whether or not the subject is fit to sue.

Background Research


It is vital that a company or individual has as much information as possible before it invests or commits itself to action. Our in depth analysis will give you all the information you need to make your decisions with confidence.

Witness Tracing


Whether you need to trace missing relatives, debtors or witnesses we can help. With a network which covers the U.K. ,Europe and North America and links with the rest of the world no request is too great for us.

Insurance Claims


We will collect evidence for you whether you are a potential claimant or defendant and through our legal team advice on the likelihood of successfully making a claim or defending it. We will also advice on the level of damages which may be awarded. We can help you through the stages of action and negotiation and if acting for a defendant we will make sure that any claimant is genuine with our checks and surveillance.

Case File Preparation


After we have prepared our report for you we will continue to give you help advice and support as required with further case file preparation to help you achieve you aims.

Fraud Investigation


If you suspect fraud by an employee of your company or from a client or contractor we will investigate with the utmost discretion and prepare a confidential report for you.

Asset Tracking


A major part of our core business. We regularly track missing assets through Europe and North America, find them and advice on their recovery using our agents and legal advisers who have the appropriate knowledge and legal expertise.

Shareholder Disputes


We can advise parties; help with negotiation and mediation, to bring any dispute to a satisfactory conclusion. Alternative Dispute Resolution hearings can be the best way forward. We will prepare your case with you to give you the best possible advantage to bring success.

Risk and reward analysis

We carry out a risk assessment of your case at the outset and as the matter progresses in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the likely outcome and timescale. We will discuss with you your commercial objectives and agree a strategy to achieve the desired outcome.


Flexibility and transparency on costs

In order to assist clients with understanding and budgeting for the costs, we are able to offer a number of funding alternatives which can be discussed with you at the outset of your case. We make every effort to assess the cost and cash flow implications for you and keep you fully informed as to what the legal costs are likely to be, when they are likely to be incurred and why.

In accordance with our policy of openness and transparency we enter into an agreement with our clients at the outset which sets out our obligations to you as our client and what information and costs we will need from you to act on your behalf.