About Us

We take a consultative approach. We take the time to understand you, your business and your situation so that we can present you with the best solutions and advice.

We are positive, flexible and innovative, designed to deliver the professional expertise and advice that is needed to achieve the desired result. As an established practice Our team and associates are recognised for their professional, technical and practical skills whose experience in the field combines knowledge with a creative ‘can do’ approach.

The issues we deal with are very diverse and include but are not limited to :- employment back ground checks, due diligence for an individual or companies, property disputes, divorce, debt recovery, inheritance disputes, road traffic accident investigation, high value stock fraud and other white collar crime, missing persons and the location and recovery of misappropriated assets.

If you have an issue or problem contact us for a free initial consultation and case assessment.

The Team

John Pennie - Legal Advisor

John Pennie is a retired solicitor who specialised for over 30 years in insolvency, company turnaround,

director disqualification and also intellectual property.

He is currently very active in the area of litigation funding and insurance for complicated, high value cases .

John was a long serving director of the IFT, the Institute for Turnaround, as well as adviser to the Lord Chancellor on insolvency

legislation and acting for 25 years as a Moderator of the examination that all British liquidators have to pass to get their licence.

In his spare time he's a hobby farmer with a prizewinning herd of English Longhorn cattle.

John Rynne - Company Director - Ex Met Chief Inspector


For 22 years John was involved in and organising front line operational policing in south & west London. 

He started his career at Shepherds Bush, west London where he served in uniform and the west London crime squad. He was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Battersea in south west London where he was in uniform the majority of his time although he did serve on the crime squad for about 6 months. 

John was promoted to Inspector and transferred to Hammersmith where amongst other things he was Deputy Operations controller and contingency planning officer. At this time Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush had the highest number of terrorist incidents in the UK outside of Northern Ireland, so these two roles were very proactive. He moved from Hammersmith to the Territorial Support Group before becoming part of the senior management team responsible for IT development and crime reporting and analysis. 

Having worked in different locations his extensive operational knowledge and experience meant that he was responsible for preparation, updating and organisation of the major incident contingency plans for a number of London boroughs. 

He has an Honours degree in IT and Computing and he put these skills to practical use within the policing environment. In the last four years John has worked privately in France, UK and Ireland on various projects which has seen him involved both operationally and as project manager and has recently returned from an extended project in the former Soviet Union.

Jo Markham - Office & Administrations Manager


Jo initially trained as an accountant before moving to work for a government benefits department where she became a

senior benefits officer responsible for an area team dedicated to targeting and prosecuting benefit fraudsters. 

Jo is highly trained in IT and data management and has a solid background and

extensive experience in business administration, support and management..

Julia Ferguson - Company Director


Julia studied French at Kingston and Lyon Universities before going into retail management with the Storehouse Group. 

Julia left Storehouse and went to the East Berkshire Health Authority trust in the Senior Management Team with responsibility for training and development across all levels of the trusts employees. 

She left the trust in 1997 to raise her family and in the last 5 years Julia has been involved in translation and legal liaison with English speaking clients of lawyers and Notaries in France.